About CTA

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Creating a future for Tradition Arts
By nurturing a momentum for innovation
By creating/seeking a sustainable evolution of the traditional arts 
By redefining cultural and aesthetic norms

Traditional Arts are where Dreams begin.

The mission of the CTA is to foster an incubative environment in which traditional artists and artisans, communities and tribes, teachers and students, and art-related businesses can showcase their works, share experiences, exchange knowledge of the latest innovations and inspire the next and future generations of traditional artists. 

Traditional Arts are Life.

We believe that the traditional arts can be sustained only with a full understanding of the actual environment in which traditional arts are still practiced. Since 2010 we have developed educational programs working in the field and with various communities. The programs will focus on two major areas of study: the crafts themselves and the performance of traditional artistic activities (music, dance & martial arts) with the emphasis being upon their documentation, their interactions and transmutation over time. We shall also consider ways of promoting the traditional arts among the general public. We anticipate that new educational models of traditional arts will be established through these programs and that they will contribute to answering the world-wide issue of the cultural sustainability of traditional arts. 

Traditional Arts are Innovation.

With the mission of ‘ Creating A future for Traditional Arts’, we aim to facilitate a convergence of traditional arts and modern technology, to encourage the search for a sustainable evolution of traditional art forms, and to redefine cultural and aesthetic norms.